Smile or “Share miles” is a ride sharing app that was created to help reduce Austin’s traffic. The goal is to create a community through this platform to encourage  people to help each other out and help reduce traffic in Austin while help reduce human carbon footprint on earth. This app uses gamification strategy to encourage people to drive-ride share.  


Co-Founder, Brand Designer, Lead Designer (UX/UI)

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Austin has the 13th worst traffic in the US. Austinites spent 51 millions hours sitting in traffic last year with an average of 52 hours per person. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time with family or friends instead of sitting in the car.


Provide users with a platform where they can help make a difference by choosing to fill up their car by picking up or dropping off other Austinites to and from workplaces along their normal work route. 

This creates less cars on the road which means less traffic and less carbon emissions. This also encourages Austinites to meet other people at their workplace and share the joy of reducing carbon emissions together. 

The app keeps track of each riders and drivers Smiles data like, how much money they saved on gas, how much carbon emissions have they helped reduce, how many of gallons of gas they saved, and how many connections have they made. 

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